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Want to join in the consecration of Russia and Ukraine? Here’s how

Want to join in the consecration of Russia and Ukraine? Here’s how

Pope Francis prays at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal, May 12, 2017. / Vatican Media.

By Jonah McKeown

Denver Newsroom, Mar 23, 2022 / 11:00 am (CNA).

Pope Francis will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Friday, March 25, entrusting the nations to Mary’s help and protection. The pope has asked all the bishops — and indeed all the faithful of the entire world — to join him.

The consecration itself will take the form of a prayer that Pope Francis will recite during a penitential service in Rome.

So, how can you participate?

Your parish may have something in the works. If not, organize it yourself!

The pope released a letter March 23 asking all Catholics to assemble in their parishes on Friday to pray the act of consecration. So, there’s a good chance your parish may be organizing something. You can always contact your parish to ask if they know about the pope’s request, and if they don’t yet have plans, whether you can organize a gathering at your parish.

You can watch Pope Francis do the consecration on TV, or online. 

EWTN will be carrying live coverage of the pope’s penitential service, beginning at 5 p.m. Rome time. You can watch on cable, or online. CNA will also be carrying the livestream on our Facebook page.

Here’s a handy time zone cheat sheet:

17:00 Rome

17:00 West Africa Standard Time (Nigeria)

16:00 GMT (London)

12:00 Eastern Time (New York, Washington, Miami)

11:00 Central Time (Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas)

10:00 Mountain Time (Denver, Salt Lake City)

9:00 Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Seattle)

8:00 Alaska Daylight Time (Anchorage, Juneau)

6:00 Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (Honolulu)

It’s worth noting that the Vatican has said that the pope likely will not pray the actual consecration prayer until around 6:30 pm Rome time, if you would like to pray with the pope simultaneously.

Your bishop may already have invited you to join him in the consecration.

Many bishops have already announced plans to join Pope Francis in praying the consecration. Most are doing so in conjunction with a Mass, prayer service, or Stations of the Cross. The chances are good that your bishop will be praying the prayer publicly in some form, likely at your cathedral. There’s also a good chance your local gathering will be livestreamed if you can’t make it in person.

The important thing is that you check with your diocese directly. New announcements are coming every day, and if it’s your desire to participate in the consecration with your bishop, contacting your diocese directly is the best way to learn how to do that.

That being said, CNA has an updated list of all the U.S. dioceses that have publicly announced their participation in the consecration (and there are now over 100 that have); you can access that list here.

Can’t watch or join a gathering in person? Set your alarm for 5 p.m. Rome time, and pray. 

It’s ok if you can’t watch or join in a prayer service or Mass in person — you can join the Church in prayer wherever you are.

Again, the text of the consecration is already available, and you are welcome to pray it when the time comes, or whenever you can. You could also consider praying a Hail Mary, or the rosary.

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