Saint John Bosco
August 02, 2018
by Staff
Saint John Bosco



Saint John Bosco (1815 – 1888), also known as Don Bosco, was born in Becchi, Italy, to poor parents who owned a small farm. He dedicated his life to helping impoverished children in Turin and, as part of this work, he founded the Salesians, an order dedicated to the teaching and care of poor children. Don Bosco was persecuted for his ministry by members of the socialist/masonic government and escaped several attempts on his life. The streets of Turin were a dangerous place for him, but he went on his rounds in the service of God nonetheless. Our Lord, in His goodness, protected His servant during this time in a most unusual way. Among all the amazing episodes in the life of Don Bosco, one of the most interesting was the appearance of a dog which the saint named "Grigio". It was a very large grey dog that showed up at moments of danger. It asked for neither food nor shelter, was savage as a wolf against Don Bosco’s aggressors, but gentle as a lamb with the boys of the Oratory. On one occasion, for example, Don Bosco was returning home late at night and was attacked by two men. Grigio came bounding into the scene, knocked down one of the men and ended the struggle by putting both of them to flight.

Saint John Bosco died in January 31, 1988. Forty thousand persons came to the church to do honor to Don Bosco, and the entire city turned out as his remains were borne to their resting place.