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How can you make it difficult for a demon to tempt you?

How can you make it difficult for a demon to tempt you?

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Author: St. Padre Pio


The best means of guarding yourself against temptation are the following:

1 – Watch your senses to save them from dangerous temptation.

2 – Avoid vanity.

3 – Do not let your heart become exalted.

4 – Convince yourself of the evil of complacency

5 – Flee away from hate

6 – Pray whenever possible.


Do Not Fear

Do not fear, Jesus is more powerful than all Hell. At the invocation of His Name every knee in Heaven, on earth and in hell must bend before Jesus; this is the consolation of the good and terror of the evil ones.



The Field of Battle

The field of battle between God and Satan is the human soul. It is in the soul that the battle rages every moment of life. The soul must give free access to the Lord so that it be fortified by Him in every respect and with all kinds of weapons; that His light may enlighten it to combat the darkness of error; that it be clothed with Jesus Christ, with His justice, truth, the shield of faith, the word of God, in order to conquer such powerful enemies. To be clothed with Jesus Christ it is necessary to die to oneself.


Blasphemy Calls Down Malediction

Blasphemy calls down malediction on your home; and, as the proverb says, it destroys even the ashes in the fireplace.


The Devil

The devil is like a rabid dog tied to a chain; beyond the length of the chain he cannot seize anyone. And you: keep at a distance. If you approach too near, you let yourself be caught. Remember that the devil has only one door by which to enter the soul: the will.


Despise Your Temptations

Despise your temptations and do not dwell on them. Imagine you have Jesus Christ crucified in your arms and on your breast and, kissing His side, say: “Behold my hope, behold the living source of my happiness. I will hold You close, o my Jesus, and I will not leave You until You have put me in a place of safety”.



There can be no guilt except in that which the soul wills, or, not having willed it, approves it and does not make an effort to remove it.


Impure Thoughts

It is not a sin merely to have impure thoughts. Dispelling them is an exercise in virtue. [St Augustine teaches us that while it is not a sin to have such thoughts, to dwell on them is a sin].

“If the mind takes pleasure in unlawful thoughts, which it ought to banish at their first appearance, it evidently commits a sin, and this even when it does not propose to itself to execute what it thought.”

~ St Augustine


The Source of Temptations

Your temptations are from the devil and from Hell; but your sufferings and afflictions are from God and Heaven. The mothers are from Babylon but the daughters are from Jerusalem. Despise temptations and embrace tribulations. No, my child, let the wind blow and do not think that the noise of the leaves is the clash of arms.


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Punishing Prayer (to be said in moments of temptation)

Lord Jesus, if this is a temptation from an evil spirit, I ask thee to place it at the foot of thy cross and force it to contemplate whatever causes it the most pain, for the duration of my temptation and for 10 minutes more afterwards. And please do not allow it to retaliate. Amen.

(Deliverance Prayers, Sensus Traditionis Press – 2017- page 34)


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