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Fr. Mike Schmitz Unveils Powerful Story of Why He is Passionately Pro-Life at March for Life in D.C.

Fr. Mike Schmitz Unveils Powerful Story of Why He is Passionately Pro-Life at March for Life in D.C.

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By Jacqueline BurkepileWhat a powerful speech! 👏

An estimated 150,000 people braved the bitter cold weather on Fri., Jan. 21 to march for unborn children at the 49th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Several speakers addressed the crowd, including actor Kirk Cameron, Duck Dynasty’s Lisa Robertson, Fr. Mike Schmitz, and many more.

Fr. Mike’s stirring speech told the story of his grandmother, who walked away from her career as a nurse after the hospital that employed her began performing abortions.

He described three images his mother placed on their refrigerator while growing up, one of which was an image of a garbage bag with the remains of aborted children.

He said his mother did this as a result of his grandmother’s choice to walk away from her career at a hospital in 1973, after they forced her team of nurses to perform abortions.

“She was the head nurse at a hospital called Sinai Hospital in the twin cities in Minnesota. In 1973, that hospital decided to begin performing abortions.”

“Helen (Fr. Mike’s grandmother) knew that people mattered–she knew that children mattered–that her nurses mattered. So she hated the fact that this hospital that had done such good in that part of the world was about to do so much evil.”

“And they were forcing her nurses to participate in abortions. They were forcing her nurses to carry the remains of these children to be disposed.

“So she went to board of directors and said, ‘This needs to stop. Either you stop doing abortions, or I’m leaving.’

“In that moment, Helen stood, and they said, ‘You can leave.’

“So in that moment, Helen walked. And I have to tell you that it broke her heart. It almost destroyed her life. She never went back to nursing.

“Her son told me that he believes that if it wasn’t for her faith, she might have even ended her own life. But she stood, and she walked, and that matters. Because every person matters. Every life matters.”

He emphasized the importance of every life, from conception until natural death.

“Abortion, what it’s done is broken our hearts. So many people here–you are standing here because you know the dignity of human life. So many people are among us because this story is part of your story.

“Because you found yourself at one point in a place where it seemed like life was an impossible choice. And so, I know that we’re surrounded by men and women who have chosen abortion.

“Here’s what you need to know: you’re supposed to be here. You matter. You belong here, no matter what your past is. You are still loved and you still matter. 

“You are still loved and you still matter

Fr. Mike concluded with a story about a woman who rejected abortion after he convinced her to keep her baby 12 years ago. The woman placed her baby up for adoption.

She told him to address his March for Life audience with these words:

“Tell those women, for in that moment, they are already a mom. I thought I hated my baby, and I realized, I did not hate my baby. I hated the circumstances in which I found myself. I didn’t hate my baby, I was ashamed of myself.”

“‘They need to know that my son is a gift from God himself.’ But she also said they need to be reminded of the fact that regardless of your choices, you are still loved and you still matter.”

Listen to his full speech below:

Let us pray for an end to abortion!

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