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HomeArticleProtestant Shares Incredible First Experience at Mass: “I Felt Something Through My Body”

Protestant Shares Incredible First Experience at Mass: “I Felt Something Through My Body”

Protestant Shares Incredible First Experience at Mass: “I Felt Something Through My Body”

Josh Applegate, Unsplash, Public Domain / ChurchPOP

This is amazing! 😱

Reddit user MicahTheManiac shared an amazing story about his first Catholic Mass experience on the platform’s Catholicism message board. The user explained that he is Protestant, attended his first Mass, and “loved it.”

The user said that as he prayed during the preparation of the Eucharistic, he “felt something through his body.”

He added that he spoke with the parish’s RCIA director afterwards about the Mass, learning about its meaning. He also now understands why Catholics turn to saints for intercession.

Here’s the post below:

Here’s the text of his story:

“Hello brothers and sisters,

“I (non-Catholic, 19M) attended Mass at my local Catholic church today. I sat with the R.C.I.A. Director of the church and he explained a lot of what occurred during Mass. He even gave me a booklet called The Magnificat Roman Missal Companion that explains a lot too.

“When the priest went through the steps of preparing the Eucharist (I didn’t take part and knew I couldn’t), I kneeled, and while I wasn’t necessarily praying, I felt something.

“It may have just been the result of my knees getting a little tired, but I felt something through my body. It was an awesome and beautiful event. Afterwards, the R.C.I.A. Director answered my questions.

“I learned why the priest and two boys led the crucifix down the aisles of the church, I learned why the priest placed the remaining Eucharist in a golden box, and I learned why Catholics pray to the Saints. (From how he explained it, we ask them like we would ask a friend to pray to God on our behalf – makes more sense now because our world and the spiritual world are connected, [and] that’s how we commune with God.)

“It was overall a wonderful experience.”

The user said in the comments that he is unsure if he will convert, but is “looking into the faith a lot.” He said he feels that the Catholic Church is “more connected.”

“I have been lacking in Protestant worship,” the user explained. “I hope to attend more often because it was a beautiful event. I may come up with a schedule of attending Saturday evening Mass and then go to church with my family on Sunday[s]. I still love my church and the church members, and don’t think I can leave just yet.”

Let us say a prayer for this person to come home to the Catholic Church! 

Our Lady of Sorrows, please pray for him!

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