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The 10 Incredible Saints Pope Francis Will Canonize on May 15, Including 3 Martyrs

The 10 Incredible Saints Pope Francis Will Canonize on May 15, Including 3 Martyrs

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By Jacqueline Burkepile

This is so exciting! 🤩

Pope Francis will canonize 10 new saints on Sun. May, 15. Of these saints, he will canonize six men and four women. Three of these saints are even martyrs!

Below are brief descriptions of their amazing lives.

1) Blessed Anna Maria Rubatto

Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Born Feb. 14, 1844, María Francesca Rubatto was an Italian nun and foundress of the Capuchin Sisters of Mother Rubatto. She opened 18 of these Capuchin homes within a 20-year time period.  She is known her exemplary acts of charity towards the ill and infirm.

Bl. Maria died of natural causes on Aug. 4, 1904 at age 59.

Pope St. John Paul II beatified her in 1993. Her feast day is Aug. 6.

Here’s a video describing more of her story:


2) Blessed Carolina Santocanale

Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Born on Oct. 2, 1852, Bl. Carolina Santocanale was also an Italian nun. She gave herself the name “Maria of Jesus” when she founded the Capuchin Sisters of the Immaculata of Lourdes.

The nun came from a family of nobility. She received a very holy upbringing, especially through her mother’s influence, resulting in great interest in her faith from a very young age.

Bl. Santocanale was also known for her exceptional works of charity for the poor and ill. She died on Jan. 27, 1923 at age 70.

Pope Francis beatified her in 2016. Her feast day is Jan. 27.


3) Blessed César de Bus

Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Born Feb. 3, 1544, Bl. César de Bus was a French Catholic priest and founded two religious congregations: the Christian Doctrine Fathers and the Daughters of Christian Doctrine.

He is especially known for his work in catechetics, instructing communities where catechesis may not otherwise have been available.

Bl. César died on April 15, 1607. Pope Paul VI beatified him in 1975. His feast is April 15.

Here’s a short video describing his life:


4) Blessed Charles de Foucauld

Public Domain

Born Sept. 15, 1858, Bl. Charles de Foucauld was a calvary officer in the French army, a hermit, and a priest. The Church considers him a martyr, and he is known as the “Mystic of the Desert.”

He was assassinated in 1916 at age 58. Pope Benedict XVI beatified him in 2005. His feast is Dec. 1.

Here’s a video about his amazing life:


5) Blessed Devasahayam Pillai

Kumbalam, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Born April 23, 1812, Bl. Devasahayam Pillai is the first lay Indian martyred and beatified. He was killed at the age of 39 after upholding his Christian faith as an official in the court of the King of Travancore.

Pope Benedict XVI beatified him in 2012. His feast is Jan. 14.

Here’s a video describing his life:


6) Blessed Father Justin Russolillo

Public Domain

Born Jan. 18, 1891, Bl. Father Justin Russolillo was an Italian priest who founded the Society of Divine Vocations. He dedicated his life to promoting and educating young people about religious vocations and following God’s call in life.

He died on Aug. 2, 1955 at age 64. Pope Benedict XVI beatified Bl. Justin in 2011. His feast is Aug. 2.

Here’s a video about his life:


7) Blessed Maria Domenica Mantovani

Born in 1862, Bl. Maria Domenica Mantovani was an Italian nun and the co-foundress of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family. 

She dedicated her life to helping the poor, ill, and elderly. She entrusted herself to the Holy Family and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

She died at age 71 on Feb. 2, 1934. Pope St. John Paul II beatified her in 2003. Her feast is Feb. 2.

Here’s a video briefly explaining Bl. Maria Domenica’s life:


8) Blessed Luigi Maria Palazzolo

Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Bl. Luigi Maria Palazzol was an Italian priest and founded The Sisters of the Poor, or the Palazzolo Institute.

This incredible priest dedicated his life to serving neglected children and opened several orphanages.

He died murmuring the name of Jesus on June 15, 1886 at age 58. St. John XXIII beatified him in 1963. His feast is June 15.

Here’s a brief video about his life:


9) Blessed Anne-Marie Rivier

Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Born in 1768, Bl. Anne-Marie Rivier was a French nun and the foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary.

She was dropped as a child, causing her to become handicapped. She opened her congregation prior to the French Revolution, even amid persecution. She focused on child education.

Bl. Anne-Marie died in 1838 at age 68. Pope St. John Paul II beatified her in 1982. Her feast is Feb. 3.

Here’s a video about her life:


10) Blessed Titus Brandsma

Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Born in 1881, Bl. Titus Brandsma was a Dutch Carmelite friar, priest, and martyr.

For opposing the Nazi ideology, they murdered him in the Dachau concentration camp in 1942 at age 61. Pope St. John Paul II beatified him in 1985. His feast is July 27.

Here’s a video about his life below:


All you holy saints, please pray for us!

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