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EWTN GB has asked for and is getting feedback during these past months.

First off a big thank you to those who have filled out the form and sent them back to us.  For those who have not there is a  form enclosed with  this newsletter. Just to say we value all your feedback – positive, negative and thoughts on how we can serve you better through the media.

Feedback can also be given by going to https://ewtn.co.uk/contact-us/

The feedback so far is clear, however. There are many viewers and listeners who not only enjoy and benefit from EWTN programming but rely upon it. Whether they are housebound or otherwise it is clear devotional programs trump all else – Holy Mass, the Rosary and the Divine Chaplet. These popular devotions are very popular with our audience, and obviously provide a daily spiritual lifeline for many across Britain.

One correspondent from Cheshire tells us how much EWTN has meant to her since her husband passed away last year. She described it as “a great help to her spiritual life”.  A viewer in the West Midlands tells us how much has been learned about the faith while watching the channel, but she also mentions the sense of “great companionship” she feels when watching EWTN, linked as she is to a global community through this world wide media apostolate. Another West Midlands’ viewer describes the global network as her “spiritual food” – long may she consume such “food”!

A Welsh viewer tells of her “joy” when watching the channel, especially a number of our “outstanding theological programmes.”  Perhaps more surprisingly are the comments from another Welsh viewer, a non-Catholic, who “blesses the day” he discovered EWTN and now cannot watch anything else!

Up and down the land people are discovering EWTN. In fact it has never been easier to access the network’s output be it on television or radio. See the detailed guide in this newsletter in how to receive EWTN programming be it via television, radio, on line or via smart speakers and the like.

So take a moment to let us know what you think!