National Catholic Register

Rape and Adoption: One Woman’s Story
May 17th 2019
by Joan Frawley Desmond
Archbishop Gomez: Confession Is Sacred
May 16th 2019
by Archbishop José H. Gomez
Make Fidelity Great Again
May 15th 2019
by John Clark
St. Hermas―One of the First Christians of Rome
May 15th 2019
by Theresa Doyle-Nelson
How Plato Helped Me to Become a Catholic
May 11th 2019
by Matt D’Antuono
Thousands March for Life in Canada
May 11th 2019
by Christine Rousselle/CNA
The Puzzling Pontificate of Pope Francis
May 10th 2019
by Father Raymond J. de Souza
SDG Reviews ‘Tolkien’
May 9th 2019
by Steven D. Greydanus
There Is No Better Time to Be a Catholic Priest
May 9th 2019
by Father John P. Cush
A Powerful Light on the Dark Industry of Abortion
May 9th 2019
Papal Heresy Open Letter: Was It a Bridge Too Far?
May 9th 2019
by Joan Frawley Desmond
May 6th 2019
by K.V. Turley
France’s Other Burning Churches
May 3rd 2019
by Nina Shea
On Charging a Pope with Heresy
May 3rd 2019
by Jimmy Akin