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Carlo Crivelli, “St. Thomas Aquinas,” 1476 (photo: Public Domain)   Mary was saved in a more profound way than others who are in the company of the elect. Dave Armstrong, June 13, 2024 - National Catholic Register I will dare to disagree with and

  Feast Day: June 14 - CNA   St. Methodius worked for unity and reconciliation in the Eastern Church and served as the Patriarch of Constantinople the last five years of his life. Born in Syracuse, he first felt the call to enter religious

18th-century fresco in the Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua, Church of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna (photo: Dick Stracke / Public Domain)   SAINTS & ART: St. Anthony reached out to everyone and preached Christ and moral renewal. John Grondelski, June 13, 2022 -

A view of the Vatican Gardens at the Lourdes Grotto of the Vatican Gardens on May 30, 2020, in Vatican City, Vatican. (photo: Franco Origlia / Getty Images)   User’s Guide to Sunday, June 16 Msgr. Charles Pope, June 13, 2024 - National

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, “St. Anthony of Padua with the Child Jesus,” ca. 1668 (photo: Public Domain)   The intercession of the beloved 13th-century Franciscan is often invoked today when something is lost. Kathy Schiffer, September 2, 2021 You’ve lost your keys, or your checkbook,

The Eucharist makes its way up a ski hill in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, as part of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage. / Credit: Greg Effinger/Archdiocese of Denver/Denver Catholic   By Jonah McKeown CNA Staff, Jun 13, 2024 / 14:45 pm (CNA). As far as “highlights” go

In five Catholic churches in the heart of Panama City, visitors can find kiosks that not only provide information about each church but also offer the benefit of a virtual tour guide. / Credit: Churches of Old Panama City   By Diego

The exterior of St. Casimir Church in Buffalo, New York / Credit: Michael Shriver/buffalophotoblog.com   By Daniel Payne CNA Staff, Jun 13, 2024 / 11:00 am (CNA). A New York-based historical preservation group is launching an effort to save Catholic churches in the city

The cross of the German “Synodal Way.” / Credit: Maximilian von Lachner / Synodaler Weg   By AC Wimmer CNA Newsroom, Jun 13, 2024 / 12:00 pm (CNA). Just one day before a crucial meeting of the German Synodal Way, a Catholic initiative announced

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on March 26, 2024, for a lawsuit brought by the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine (AHM), which seeks to impose more restrictions on the prescription of mifepristone. / Credit: Peter Pinedo/CNA   By Daniel Payne CNA Newsroom, Jun

Choice42, YouTube   The Editors, October 20, 2020 — 2 minutes read - ChurchPOP   This is amazing!    Choice42 founder and pro-life advocate Laura Klassen posted an epic response to the pro-abortion Women’s March and Stevie Nicks’ comments. Singer Stevie Nicks recently made headlines for saying there “probably wouldn’t

Gold reliquairies containing the chin and tongue of St. Anthony of Padua in the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua in Italy. / Credit: Richard Mortel/CC BY 2.0 via Flickr   By Jonah McKeown  CNA Staff, Jun 13, 2024 / 04:00 am (CNA). St.

null / Credit: Sarah Marchant/Shutterstock   By Daniel Payne CNA Staff, Jun 13, 2024 / 06:00 am (CNA). In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, the practice of “green burials” is growing in popularity — including at numerous Catholic cemeteries throughout the United States. The

Local Druze men watch the flames burning a field after rockets launched from southern Lebanon landed on the Banias area in the Israel-annexed Golan Heights on June 9, 2024, amid ongoing cross-border clashes between Israeli troops and Hezbollah fighters. (photo:

  Feast Day: June 13 - CNA   On June 13, Catholics honor the memory of the Franciscan priest St. Anthony of Padua. Although he is popularly invoked today by those who have trouble finding lost objects, he was known in his own

Caroline Perkins, ChurchPOP   Caroline Perkins, June 12, 2024 — 2 minutes read - ChurchPOP   Saint Anthony of Padua, a revered figure in the Catholic Church, was a renowned Franciscan friar and preacher who lived during the 12th and 13th centuries. Saint Anthony's deep

Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer, president of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith, is a popular EWTN host. (photo: EWTN photo)   ‘The Christian notion of love is the only way that society is going to survive…' John Clark, June 12, 2024 -

Francesc Morell i Cornet (1845-1916), “Santa Joaquima de Vedruna,” 1903. (photo: Public Domain)   St. Joachima de Vedruna lovingly and cheerfully performed her ‘duty of the moment,’ even unto her last breath. Kelly Marcum, June 12, 2024 - National Catholic Register In one of

Mark Clifford, president of the Committee for Freedom of Hong Kong and the author of a forthcoming biography of Jimmy Lai, speaks with “EWTN News Nightly” on June 11, 2024. / Credit: EWTN News Nightly/Screenshot   By Kate Quiñones CNA Staff, Jun 12,

The 38th (Irish) Brigade marches at the Vatican in June 1944. / Credit: Imperial War Museum   By Courtney Mares Rome Newsroom, Jun 12, 2024 / 15:30 pm (CNA). Bagpipers solemnly marched through St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday to mark the 80th anniversary of

null / Credit: Brian A. Jackson/Shutterstock   By Daniel Payne CNA Staff, Jun 12, 2024 / 12:20 pm (CNA). Two court rulings in Florida and Texas simultaneously dealt both a victory and a setback to transgender advocates in the United States this week. Texas Attorney

Bryan and Rebecca Gantt, two foster parents in Vermont, had their licenses revoked for refusing to embrace gender ideology. / Credit: Photo courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom   By Tyler Arnold Washington, D.C. Newsroom, Jun 12, 2024 / 11:35 am (CNA). Two Vermont families

St. Maximilian Kolbe (bearded, in front row) and his companions in Nagasaki, Japan, in 1936. (photo: Public Domain/Courtesy of ‘Maximilian Kolbe: The Saint of Auschwitz’/Sophia Institute Press / Public Domain/Courtesy of ‘Maximilian Kolbe: The Saint of Auschwitz’/Sophia Institute Press)   “Let me

Actor Paras Patel as Matthew in the hit series “The Chosen.” / Credit: “The Chosen”   By Francesca Pollio Fenton CNA Staff, Jun 12, 2024 / 06:00 am (CNA). [Editor’s note: The following article may contain spoilers.] Season 4 of the hit series “The Chosen”

Bearded former punk band guitarist Father Giulio Vannucci and former policeman Father Michele Di Stefano flank Bishop Giovanni Nerbini following their June 8, 2024, ordination to the Catholic priesthood. / Credit: Diocese of Prato, Italy   By Walter Sánchez Silva ACI Prensa Staff,

Sophia University, one of the most prestigious Catholic universities in Asia, has 14,000 students today. Pope Pius X directed German Jesuits to establish the university in 1906. (photo: Sophia University Archives.)   ANALYSIS: 4 Things I Learned in 14 Days in Japan Victor Gaetan,

Archbishop Samuel Aquila leads the Eucharistic procession down Colfax Avenue in Denver on June 9, 2024. (photo: Kate Quiñones/CNA / EWTN)   Led by Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver, the procession began with a Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate

A double rainbow is seen outside the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Bismarck, North Dakota, following Mark’s wake. (photo: Courtesy of Patti Armstrong)   Every loss of a loved one brings pain and sadness, but through our faith in Jesus Christ

Saint John the Baptist, Saint Anthony, Saint Peter, Saint Boniface (from left to right) / Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain   June is a month rich in celebrations for the Catholic Church! By Cleiton Ramos, June 11, 2024 — 3 minutes read - ChurchPOP   June

  Feast Day: June 12 - CNA   (December 26, 795 - June 12, 816) Leo came from a modest family in southern Italy. He was elected to the office of St. Peter unanimously by the clergy of Rome following the death of Pope

Father Mike Schmitz / Ave Maria University, YouTube1   "God wants more for you than you want for yourself."   Jacqueline Burkepile, June 11, 2024 — 3 minutes read - ChurchPOP   What an inspiring speech! Father Mike Schmitz delivered the commencement speech for the 2024 graduating

Mary Ann Glendon with Pope Benedict XVI. (photo: Random House )   The legal scholar and former ambassador to the Vatican will receive the inaugural Fiat Award from the GIVEN Institute Matthew McDonald, June 11, 2024 - National Catholic Register Long before she became

Detail of a painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Visitation Monastery in Marclaz, France. (photo: godongphoto / Shutterstock)   In 1899, Pope Leo XIII promulgated Annum Sacrum, an encyclical calling for the world’s consecration to the Sacred Heart of

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, exit a polling booth adorned with curtains displaying the colors of the flag of France before casting their ballot for the European Parliament election at a polling station in Le Touquet,

Massimo Bianchi and Cristiane Murray address attendees at a June 11, 2024, Vatican press conference regarding the upcoming Vatican Observatory conference to take place June 17–24, 2024. / Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA   By Hannah Brockhaus Rome Newsroom, Jun 11, 2024 / 13:45 pm

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima speaks at a press conference at his private residence in Lilongwe on Feb. 5, 2020. / Credit: AMOS GUMULIRA/AFP via Getty Images   ACI Africa, Jun 11, 2024 / 13:05 pm (CNA). Vice President Saulos Chilima of Malawi

Dr. Mary Jo O'Sullivan poses in front of Hearts of Life Maternity Home with Sister Emma, Silvia 'Bibi' George, and Sister Marie George on a sunny Miami, Fla., day. (photo: Hearts for Life )   COMMENTARY: Malena and Narciso want to see

Archbishop Tadeusz Wojda was named president of the Polish bishops’ conference on March 14, 2024. / Credit: Silar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons   By AC Wimmer CNA Newsroom, Jun 11, 2024 / 09:30 am (CNA). The Polish Bishops’ Conference has issued a

Cardinal Protase Rugambwa speaks June 6 at a celebration at the Saint Paul Senior Seminary in his Archdiocese of Tabora, Tanzania. (photo: Father Don Bosco Onyalla / ACI Africa)   An interview with Cardinal Protase Rugambwa Jonathan Liedl, June 11, 2024 - National

Workers in Rome discovered a centuries-old skeleton during a June 2024 construction dig near the Vatican for one of the building projects for the Catholic Church’s 2025 Jubilee. (photo: Daniel Ibañez/CNA / EWTN)   An initial investigation found that the bones likely