J. T.

I watch the EWTN Mass everyday with my husband. I am 82 and he is 78. it is so lovely to have Jesus come into our living room as well as the Franciscan Fathers, deacons, servers and choir present the proceedings with such care. From the teaching given in the homilies we now say the Rosary every day. I must mention the most moving Mass and ceremony when Br John made his final vows and dedicated his whole life to the service of the Franciscan Missionaries with his parents and family members and friends there to support him. We also look forward to the presentations and Rosary procession from Fatima. Finally, there are the wonderful celebrations televised from Rome. We are indeed fortunate to have EWTN. I wish more parishes would promote it. I enclose a small donations, I wish we could give more but we are limited in what we can do. May God bless you.