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Efficacious Novena of The Three Hail Marys

Efficacious Novena of the Three Hail Marys


Oh, Immaculate Mary, Virgin most Powerful, I beseech you, through that immense power which you have received from the Eternal Father, obtain for me purity of heart, strength to overcome all the enemies of my soul, and the special favor I implore in my present necessity:

(mention request)


Mother most pure! Forsake me not, despise not my prayer. Graciously hear me for God’s glory, your honor, and the welfare of my soul.
To obtain this favor I honor your power by reciting:

Pray 1 Hail Mary


Oh Virgin Mary, My Mother, through that ineffable wisdom bestowed upon you by the Incarnate Word of God, I humbly beseech you, obtain for me meekness and humility of heart, a perfect knowledge of the divine will and strength to accomplish it always.
Oh Mary, Seat of Wisdom; as a tender Mother lead me in the path of christian virtue and perfection, enlighten and enable me to do what is most pleasing to your beloved Son, and obtain my petition. To obtain this grace I honor your wisdom by reciting:

Pray 1 Hail Mary


Oh, Mother of Mercy, Mother of penitent sinners, I stand before you sinful and sorrowful, beseeching you through the immense love given to you by the Holy Spirit for us poor sinners, obtain for me true and perfect contrition for my sins, which I hate and detest with all my heart, because I love God. Mother most Merciful, help me in my present necessity. Turn, then those eyes of mercy toward us, Oh Clement, Oh Loving oh Sweet Virgin Mary! To obtain this precious gift, I honor your loving mercy by reciting:

Pray 1 Hail Mary


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