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The Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem traces the footsteps of Christ to the cross. (photo: Shutterstock)   Jerusalem’s Old City was still and silent as we made our way through the

Cover of ‘He Leadeth Me’ by Jesuit Father Walter Ciszek (photo: EWTN Religious Catalogue)   His last written words were: ‘I have given all for you, my Lord.' Jim Graves, March

Bohemian Master, “St. Agnes Tending the Sick,” 1482, National Gallery, Prague (photo: Public Domain)   This patroness of the Czech Republic was canonized by Pope St. John Paul II on

'The Seven Last Words' learning series (photo: Amy Smith / EWTN)   Study ‘The Seven Last Words’ EWTN Online Learning Series Register Staff, March 2, 2024 - National Catholic Register Did you

John Everett Millai (1829-1896), “John Henry Newman” (photo: Public Domain)   Catholics in the West have lots of work ahead of us, and Newman still offers us guidance to be

Faith and football: showing their school spirit (photo: Bama Catholic / Bama Catholic)   Where Coach Goes After the Game: How Nick Saban, the legendary football coach, has played a

In vitro fertilization. (photo: Nevodka / Shutterstock)   A growing area of the NCBC’s services is its free consultations, both personal and institutional, that are guiding Catholics in making moral

God gives us a guide to living well. (photo: Unsplash)   User’s Guide to the Third Sunday of Lent Msgr. Charles Pope, March 1, 2024 - National Catholic Register Sunday, March 3,

Héctor Rondón, “Aid from the Padre,” 1962 (photo: Public Domain)   ‘He made them the vicars of his love.’ —St. Ambrose of Milan Amanda Evinger, August 9, 2022 Note: The writer of