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World Over – 2020-03-05 – Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo

STEVEN MOSHER, China expert and president of the Population Research Institute with analysis of the current status of the Catholic Church in China under the Vatican-China agreement, and the recent attacks on retired Hong Kong Bishop, Cardinal Joseph Zen for his outspoken opposition to the agreement. GARY KRUPP, president of the Pave The Way Foundation discusses the recent opening of the Vatican’s archives on the pontificate of WWII era Pope Pius XII. KATRINA JACKSON, attorney, pro-life Democrat and Louisiana State Senator discusses her sponsorship of pro-life legislation aiming to protect the health of women and the unborn that is at the center of an abortion case being heard by the US Supreme Court. FR. WILLIAM SAUNDERS , priest of the Diocese of Arlington, VA and author of the new book, Celebrating a Holy Catholic Easter: A Guide to the Customs and Devotions of Lent and the Season of Christ’s Resurrection.

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